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    Great Business Opportunity

    daryll Wayfarer

      The eFusjon energy club offers a healthy, high demand product and a revolutionary compensation plan designed to create massive wealth for its members. By joining the club you will receive the healthiest energy drink on the market, made from the Acai Berri, which has amazing anti-oxidizing and other health benefits. You also gain a spot in a revolutionary plan where you get paid for everyone that appears below you in the matrix.

      Besides the great product, Efusjon features a "must fill" downline assistant called the COMMUNITY OVERLAP. This means that you will actually see people spill into your downline and make great commissions as a result. Each associate is only allowed 3 people on the frontline, then 9, then 27 and so on; down 15 levels.The computer will fill in the empty spots in the downline matrix, with OVERLAP, from left to right; top to bottom.

      Efusjon will be launching a Facebook marketing campaign in July 2009. This is a great time to get in on this business.

      There is also the efusjed Powerline which helps build your matrix so your efusjon business can grow very quickly into a great monthly income. Check it out at or