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    Only Suckers Buy Leads!

    MlmRepMachine Newbie
      Unfortunately most home based business owners do not know what attractive marketing means.
      They are used to chasing potential prospects. They are usually perceived by most as the pest
      instead of the invited guest. They pursue while their prospects run away like scared rabbits.

      So what does it mean to be attractive? It means that others perceive you as an expert in your
      field and want to follow you. It means that you position yourself in such a way that others come
      to you for advice. It means that you position yourself in front of those who are already predisposed
      to wanting your products or services. It means that you give value first before you have a right to
      receive anything. It means that you are a Go-Giver rather than a Go-Taker.

      97% of home based businesses fail. Why? Because they don't have enough leads which in turn
      leads to not having enough money.

      Opportunity is everywhere if you know how to harness it. When you don't have enough leads then it
      simply means you are not providing enough value. If you feel that you are providing tons of value
      but you don't have enough money then it simply means you don't understand monetize your leads.

      What if there was a way to get all the leads you wanted endlessly and effortlessly.