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    Can you share your experience selling on eBay?

    teacup Wayfarer

      I'm thinking about leveraging eBay as a possible sales opportunity. I'm not an active eBay user. So, can someone please share with me your experience (any issues? any good results? what you sold? etc. - in what situations does it make sense to sell on eBay)?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          It is my experience that more people Buy on eBay. I have bought many items from small pictures
          and posters to late model SAAB's. All of my results have been positive.
          Tell us more about what you want to sell (sales opportunity)?? Do you have a MARKETING PLAN??
          Sorry, I have not sold on eBay yet. LUCKIEST
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            There are EBay groups/users that acttaully have conventions and meetings. I am sure there would be some information on the EBay site or you could contact one of the power sellers by email to get some help. From the little I do know it seems like the EBay selling community is a very active group.

            Good Luck!
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              I have bought and sold on ebay. For me, it has been most effective for hobby or specialty products that customers shop for specifically, but that are not available at stores in their area. For example, there are sailors and sail boats all over the country, but not enough of them in most inland regions for local stores or marinas to stock sailing gear, rigging, or hardware. So ebay is a great place to buy or sell those kinds of items. Many hobbies have turned into revenue streams (including two of mine) thanks to ebay. I've had no problems or issues.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                My thought is that scams make up maybe 15 to 20 percent of the ebay sellers (maybe less if you only deal with sellers in the U.S.). It's a business risk in that venue, and risks exist in every marketplace (for example, I've had four scam attempts in ebay -- none successful, and all were far easier to deal with than the two attempted robberies we had at physical locations).

                One way to do what CorpCons suggests (i.e., show you are legit) is to demonstrate on your ebay storesite that you are a real business with real people. Most scammers don't display their names, addresses, photos, community affiliations, etc. because they're hiding. Successful small business owners (even owners of e-commerce sites) want to really get to know their customers, and they allow their customers to get to know them. This builds trust, credibility, and a solid reputation.
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                  SoCalbiz Newbie

                  Powerseller on ebay for over 5 years now. Do it for a living. 8/15,000+ feedback...I buy my products in large quantities and offer them in combination packages not found in retail stores. If you find the product you're selling is all over ebay -avoid it -especially if readily available in retail stores. Whatever your IDEA is that hardly anybody else on ebay is doing is what sells. If not your own creation, do NOT compete on price (only) unless you're buying power is EXTREMELY leveraged to almost the price point of the landed cost of imports. Emerging trend is that SOME retail manufacturers/distributors send in a shill (relative, friend, largest vendee) with a grey market account as an additional revenue stream and kickback to them. You could be competing with your supplier w/o knowing it...

                  At my current GSR level of about $26k/mo. I am paying combined ebay/paypal fees of over $3k/mo. My customers are returning at the rate of about 15%/mo. (5yr. following). I have to list a product 2.5x for 7 days before it sells at the ebay SP average for that product. If you don't maintain at least a 33% auction closing rate you will lose money.

                  Use an automated listing tool/management system like Selling Manager Pro or Blackthorne.

                  Get a UserID as close as possible to your website name. Use ebay as an advertising tool to steer to your website as much as possible while sticking to ebay's rules against it.

                  Be prepared for cutomer service. Track everything. Be aware of the BUYER 2 for 1 Combined Shipment Scams for mail &/or INTERSTATE/INTRASTATE FRAUD run on the SELLER.

                  ...and be prepared to pay your "dues" to learn all these things for at least the first year. After that, you should begin to have more business than you can handle if you play your cards right...
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                    shoppinatwilk Newbie

                    We have been selling successfully on ebay for quite a while now. We are currently an active power seller and the profits are amazing. although the price of shipping has gone up, Ebay allows us to market our small business to over 60 million customers worldwide. yes there are several buyer scams out there but most of them are so obvious the become comical. we offer paypal on our listing which allows for immediate payment through check or debit/credit card. they even offer a debit card so you can have immediate access to funds.. guidelines are tightening on ebay must overall its a great experience
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                      Mrs Snappy Newbie
                      I'm the owner of a local Washington DC eBay Drop-Off Consignment store since 2005. We have over 1200 consignors and maintain a powerseller rating on ebay with over 4000 items sold since 2005. The other posts in this thread are correct; it can be tricky, unfair at times and yes profitable. Any powerseller on eBay will tell you that using common sense, avoiding suspicious emails warning about your account has been comprismised "click here ot unlock it" and be wary of buyers feedback transaction comments. Ebay has some great tutorials available to help someone get started selling on their site and stores like mine often hold classes for people interested in doing it for themselves. BE CAREFUL eBay will not tolerate the listing of any name-brand items which have the appearance of being a knock-off. The eBay VERO program reviews auctions and can end your listing at any time if the manufacturer suspects your item is a knock-off or fradulent/tampered with such as a DirecTV receivers that have been modified with additional storage HD space or offer an access card in the listing. Happy Selling!
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                        MiLo_22.0899 Newbie
                        I've sell something on ebay, as an ebayer I usually prefer to see the actual picture of the item that is why when I list my item I always take a picture of it to make it look like legit (No offense to anybody).

                        As a seller it's hard to sell something specially if your rating is low cuz that's what some of the buyers check out. I think it's a good idea to make an account as a seller & a buyer that way you can build up your rating. Also communication is the key for success. just my .02

                        Hopefully it works out for you. Good Luck!!
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                          TxMilette Newbie
                          I opened an EBAY store like a year 1/2 ago, but to be honest never dedicated enough time to it. Suddenly, I have had to refocus and try to make this I started listing via auctions to drive traffic to my store. In a week 1/2 I have sold $500; so I know it can work, but you have to dedicate yourself to it like any other job. In other words, at first I said: I want to open a store and list via auctions once in a while as a hobby. If you make it a hobby, then your sales, profits, will be just that. If you take it to the next level and focus and treat it as a business or as your job, then you will start seeing results.

                          I had to refocus to save my home with the mortgage crisis. My mortgage went up $400 a now everytime I sit to work on my auctions or store, I focus on selling $600 or more cover the new overage on my mortgage...sounds like a plan; and I am sticking to it!!!

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                            ThemedSEO Wayfarer
                            i have sold many products in ebay.its a good place to sell the products at reasonable cost.