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    Brand New FM Radio Station & Retail Outlet Seeks Backing

    ZIONFM Newbie
      I've read a ton of great articles and responses on this site so far! I'm curious to see if any pro's around here have any quick advice for an upstart group like mine. We're a fully self-funded group working to launch a product that will require a bit more than our personal wallets will provide.

      We're looking for resources or tips/advice for securing capitol for development and launch of our new online & FM radio format. We're modern, relevant and definitely ooze the "cool factor". And we all know "cool" sells in any economy in America!

      We're not looking for $10 Million or anything HAHA, but a kick in the right direction or some decent contacts would be very much appreciated!

      I know I didn't post many details here, but interested parties are welcome to connect with me for more info anytime...


      -Jeremiah St. James
      ZION Media Group