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    Where can I get funds or backing

    casketman Newbie
      I am trying to restablish my funeral home business, was opened 2 years but could not have my lease redone
      have been approach by anothor party to run my business also out of this location so i don't have to get anothor mortgage, need backing 25,000 to 50,000 mortuary business is what iam trying to restablish
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Where can I get funds, Welcome

          Who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info

          To get funds you need a business plan first
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            phanio Pioneer
            That is kind of an open question - as there are many options for you.

            If your credit is good - you can seek a business loan or SBA loan from a bank or non-bank financing company. Or, if you have other assets (physical or financial like A/Rs or purchase order) you can use them to receive the funding you are seeking.

            Or, if you are using the funds for the purchase of certain assets like equipment (vehicles, etc) then there are non-bank equipment financing companies that have specific products designed for these - ususally easier than bank loans.

            We list many resources and information on our website.

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              Andrel Wayfarer



              I am Andrel, in cases like this what you do is that, you consult experts in handling it. I was in a situation like this; did not have capitals to execute my business plans until i was directed to Capital Loans. They really helped me with a start up capital in form of a loan. Now i am already going on with my business.
              You can reach them trough .


              Pls make use of this information as it will readily be of help to you.