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    Video Yellow Pages for Business and Community

    wayonda Wayfarer

      The Story: Goes Public

      We are a brand new website that just went public on 6/05/2009. Our goal is to provide free geopraphically targeted advertising for businesses and private individuals using the powerful and entertaining video medium. People can create business profiles and display videos of the products and services, add links to their sites, display google map links, (something I'm working on now), as well as network with customers and competetors. The data is tracked and edited by date so search result are current and don't return dead ends for customers.

      We're focused on being a customer driven forum where someone in Anytown, USA can search for, locate and see a discriptive video for any product or service be it a traditional business or private sale. The simple way to describe it is to combine Craigslist with Youtube and throw in Ebay and Dex too. For business, we're aggressively seeking our foundation of interested advertisers to build our network base. It's free right now so we hope you consider taking advantage of our unique service. If you don't your competetors just might., your virtual 3G video yellow pages.