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    Barbie Newbie
      We are a trailer repair company for the transportation industry. Most of our business comes from word of mouth. At the moment we are not looking much to expand because we are having a very difficult time finding trailer mechanics. We've tried the traditional advertising route with no luck. We would try to "hire a mechanic away from another company" but trailer repair is a small industry and we don't want that kind of reputation. We just hired a vo/tech high school kid part time with the hopes that we can train him but that is time consuming.

      Any sugguestions on a good way/place to find skilled workers?

          LUCKIEST Guide
          Sometimes you have to think OUTSIDE the BOX when it comes to hiring a employee.
          Hiring a vo/tech high school student part time is a good start.
          How long have you been in business?? What part of the country is the business located??
          Do you have a JOB DESCRIPTION for the employee you are looking for??
          My thought - - If I was in business and could expand or increase sales I WOULD.
          Most of your business comes from word of mouth, maybe you can find employees by word of mouth.
          Have you looked at Professional Recruiting Agencies??
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
            DomainDiva Ranger
            There are schools that train drivers, maybe they would have some extra ideas.
              MadBiz Newbie
              Don't know what the qualifications are for a Trailer Technician, but how about hiring/training retired truck drivers or drivers looking for a change. A truck driver friend of ours just stated he was tired of driving and would like to find something different and local.
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                garagewoman Newbie
                Hi Barbie,

                I'm in the same area....we do auto repair. We took the route of hiring a vo tech student part time last year. There were some rough spots at first but it turned out to be a very positive thing. Our student graduated last spring and we thought "WOW" this is great but he enlisted in the Marines. So we are back to square one. We are looking to take on another student but we really need someone full time so I called several employment agency in my area and have them looking. We are interview 1 person this evening (keep your fingers crossed). Another route that I found useful was our unemployment bureau offers free listings of resumes' and job listings for employers. They will even do the primarly work as far as screening if you want. I hope this helps and good luck!
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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  Barbie, Back in my other life when I had a real job, I was always facing staffing problems. That company had a very unusual business and had low pay. So I was always looking to fill holes.

                  What I did to solve the problem was to cast a very wide net. I tried the ads in newspapers but that got expensive. I would talk to everyone that asked about my looking for people. I looked at hiring retirees part time. (two part time equals one full time minus the benefits). I talked to Goodwill, Craigslist, newspapers, vo-tech schools, anywhere I could post an ad. I even posted at coffee shops, local stores and such. Nowhere was I not going to put a notice. I even talked with local church organizations of all kinds and at all levels. Told them I had opportunities for the right people. Talk to anybody and everybody! You never know where the next diamond will be coming from.

                  Another thing is to put in the ad that you are expanding or growing. Everyone wants to be on a winning team. If some of your competitors people come to you for jobs, you didn't purposely steal them and they must not like working there or why would they be looking??
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    This is as follow up. What has happened since your first post (the beginning of Nov) to date.
                    Have you hired any additional workers and are they working out.??