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    How to "Go Green" at work and save some money.

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      With the economy being what it is this day, small companies need to watch out for their bottom line. Companies of all sizes need to watch how they spend their money. Spending extra money on frivolously can be costly in the long run. The question becomes, what can a company do to save some money? While I don't have a complete answer for that question, I can offer you a simple way to save some money and join the growing "Go Green" movement at the same time.


      The majority of offices and workplaces have to provide their employees with drinking water. In some states it is required by law. Aqua-Extreme is a New York based water purification company that works in association with New York City's "GO GREEN" campaign in efforts to provide companies with a convenient, cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to traditional bottled water coolers and obsolete filtration devices.


      "In the United States, plastic water bottle manufacturing uses 17 million barrels of oil every year, producing over 2.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution", Paterson's office said after David Paterson signed an executive order to phases out the spending of state dollars on single-serve bottles and cooler-sized water bottles for employees at state agencies. The National Association for PET Container Resources in Sonoma, California, puts the national figure of water bottles used in the United States at 3.62 as of 2004. Here at Aqua-Extreme, we are doing everything we can to help reduce that number.


      Aqua-Extreme distributes several standalone models of water purifiers that hook up to existing waterlines and employ a 9 stage filtration system that leaves the end user with unlimited amounts of some of the best tasting and most purified drinking water in the world. As a small company, we are looking for some help with getting our name and message out there. The whole team here at Aqua-Extreme loves our product and truly believes in the cause+.+


      We offer a 100 percent free trial. The free trial comes with absolutely no commitments or obligations. We are so sure that you are going to love our product that we will deliver and install our system in your office free of charge. If at the end of the trial period you are not convinced that we have a superior product, we will come and pick up the system, again free of charge. If you are interested in a free trial or would like to learn more about Aqua-Extreme, please visit our website at or email me at


      As mentioned, this is just one way to "Go Green and Save some Green." There are many other ways to do so. Please feel free to list other cost saving methods of going green at the workplace.