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      Hi !

      I am new to this community, and I am looking for tips/advices/solutions of fund raising. The business plan is near completion, and I am 100% confident of the business ideas/concept. It's an architectural project, which totaled approximately $500 million, and $50 million start-up cost. Here is my dilemma. I have been spending $5-$10k developing the business plan/basic architecture design. The CEO who helps with the plan is very optimisitc about the ideas/plan; and he is willing to be a part of the management team. He recommends of possible incorporation and lays out all the basic expenses, such as legality, insurance, travel expenses, marketing, payroll...etc. These total up to roughly $1 million, which is needed from my own pocket for the next 18 months, when we plan to close the 1st ground of fundraising.

      However, I DON'T have a million, but I really want to make this happen. To make matter worse, I am still young, and my credit history might not be good enough to obtain such a large amount. Right now, me and the business plan developer are working very hard on the plan, and we believe in our idea/concept to be one-of-a-kind. I might have enough money to incorporate, but this is far less than $1 mil. What should I do? Where should I go? Who should I seek? I don't mind sharing the business plan to any potential investor within this forum. However, you have to be serious and I require an NDA signature.

      Thank you very much and I appreciate all of the advices/tips out there
          LUCKIEST Guide
          FINANCING ADVICE, Welcome

          Suggestion: Go to Members page and share some info. Then contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE..

          YES I would be interested in reading your business plan when completed (I have no problem signing a NDA)

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            Your CEO partner should be able to help you rasie funds. You will more than likely need venture capital investment. I would suggest you start networking in your community - do not look for venture capitalists directly - but more their gatekeepers - find and talk with CPAs, Lawyers, other business professionals - these are the people that can get you an introduction to the VCs.

            You can also search VC - but again - don't go at them directly - look at their portfolio companies - see if these VCs have invested in similar markets to yours - contact these companies and ask for an introduction - or research these companies - see who their attorney or CPA is - then approach them.

            Best of Luck

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