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    How You Can Create A Powerful Business Plan


      Do you want to increase the potential for your business to get the funding and money that it needs to grow?


      I hear the following quite often from investors, the professional advisors that work with them and from funding sources.


      "Most business plans we see, especially those for start-up businesses or ventures, usually all have one thing in common: they are a good piece of fiction that often has some great ideas but no one really believes in what they read in them."


      Do you want to be sure that your business plan doesn't get lumped in with business plans like they mention above?


      Do you want to improve your current business plan or create one that has the best chance of attracting the interest of investors and funding sources?


      If the answer is "yes" to the questions above ... then we have something that will help you! But first read what some of our customers and clients say about our knowledge and capability (which we build into this great business guide that will help you create a powerful and compelling business plan perfect to present to Investors and Funding Sources for your business):

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      Here's what you'll learn from this guide:


      • determine the type of plan you need
      • sources for your business & market research
      • common mistakes to avoid
      • what "not" to put in your plan
      • what's important to include in your plan
      • what to do that gets investors attention
      • how to "design" your plan to fit your business

      Dennis Lowery
      Adducent, Inc.

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