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    sales tax after moving to another state

    luna777 Newbie
      Hi there,

      I'm confused about sales tax. I had a retail store in NY and just moved to SF, CA. I will be doing online store only here.

      How do I deal with sales tax now?
      Now that I am in CA, do I need to close NY sales tax account and open one here?
      Or keep it as it is and tax to NY residents?

      What about LLC? I set up in NY. Do I need to move it to SF?

      Thanks for all the advice.
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          david_aa Adventurer
          Sales tax will change as well as property tax and should be considered as you plan your move.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            Your NY LLC is considered a foreign business entity in any other state, so before it can legally conduct business in California, you must register it with the CA Secretary of State. The alternative to that would be to dissolve your NY LLC and form a new business in CA.

            In either case, you'll be required to obtain a California seller's permit, and to collect CA sales tax on items sold/shipped within CA. If you choose the first option above (maintaining the NY-based LLC operating as a foreign entity in CA), then you'll also be required to collect NY sales tax on any items sold/shipped to NY.

            Hope that helps. Good luck on your move.
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