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    Start your own Calling Card Business Adventurer
      The VoIP Calling Card market is one of the most lucrative industries in the market today, especially in countries where there is a great need for international calling. The IPsmarx VoIP Calling Card Solution allows entrepreneurs and service providers to offer their own international calling card services.

      In addition, companies and individuals have shifted their services to a prepaid basis so they can take advantage of the cost-effective solutions that Voice over IP has to offer.

      The IPsmarx VoIP Calling Card Solution enables clients to:


      Place multiple brands of calling cards in the market
      Provide prepaid services to residential and business customers
      Route traffic to numerous carriers
      Maintain real-time maintenance and business analysis
      Generate unlimited PINs


      If you would like to discuss how IPsmarx can help you please contact us at 703-871-5273 or email us at