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    U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Egypt in June

    Osoris Newbie

      U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Egypt in June, to address the Arab and Muslim world, has many Arabs and Egyptians enthusiastic, despite a recent history of ill-feelings towards the United States during the Bush years.
      Egypt, with 83 million people, is the most populous Arab nation, and has long been the intellectual and cultural capital of the Arab world. It was the first Arab state to make peace with Israel, and is also the seat of the Arab League.
      I personally very much welcome this visit and consider that it's a very important move by Mr. Obama,
      The U.S. is placing great importance on improving relations with Egypt and with veteran Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, after tensions during the Bush Administration. Mr. Mubarak is due to visit the White House, later this year, and U.S. aid to Egypt is set to increase by around 25 percent, this year.


      to know more about your thoughts and about this step, was it a successful step to do by Mr. Obama,? is really giving a push to Egypt & the U.S.A. for the coming period for the bilateral relations & benefits the tourims business from the US to egypt?
      I would love to here your comments.
      thank you.
      Tawfik Hafez
      Osoris Travel & Holidays
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Egypt has done some great advertising with its 'Land of the Sun' commericals. However, as an American, I am not inclined to make a personal vacation or trip to Egypt; remembering what happened to the German tourists at the great Pyramids. I don't have enough information to make sure that I would be safe in your country.

          One speech by a visiting President cannot undo all of the pre-conceived notions that extremists have about Americans, and knowing that, I have to assume that I am not safe in your country. What a shame too, since I would love the opportunity to visit all of the historical sites, museums and bazzars.

          If asked by someone to go on business, I would require that I be a part of a group and have pre-arranged driver(s) and security and I would NOT be making the tourist rounds on days when there was extra time.
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              Osoris Newbie
              Tourist safety in Egypt is not a matter of luck. Admittedly, the safety procedures placed on the tourist industry, which is one of Egypt's most important sources of income, are sometimes stifling. Egypt keeps a very close eye on it's tourists, particularly Americans, providing groups with armed guards All major, and many minor, hotels are equipped with metal detectors and guards, and when violent events such as those of late occur, the government is known to go a bit overboard on arrests. Nevertheless, that is what it takes to protect their three thousand year old tourist trade.
              In future? Overall, Egyptians are a very peaceful people and it is they who usually suffer the most from terrorist events. This is not to say that additional acts of violence might not occur in the future, in Egypt as elsewhere. However, the Egyptian government keeps a keen eye on major radical elements (more often than not from a prison cell), though it is possible that more minor elements can slip beneath the radar, as they recently did. Yet overall, the Egyptian government probably has a better awareness of radical elements within Egypt than the US and other western governments have on such people within their own borders. And while we cannot discount future problems in Egypt, neither can we guarantee in the US that our children will be safe when we send them off to school, that a fellow worker won't go postal, or that our own homegrown radical elements will not blow up another federal buildings.
              In no way do we mean to diminish the loss of life of tourists who have died in Egypt, but some perspective needs to be put on what continues to be, regardless of recent travel advisories to the contrary, a destination that is relative to the risks that confront us on a day to day basis, a very safe and fun destination.