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    needing help for  raise traffic

    yuerlee Newbie
      Dear friends i have my own website , but i don't know how to raise website traffic. i tried to put some ads on some free business to businesss website . but it seems doesn't work . could you kindly give me some good sugguestions ? thanks all !

      By the way my website :
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          RanksIntl Adventurer

          Alright, so I obviously don't know what other steps you have taken so far but the biggest thing to try if you haven't already is search engine optimization so that when people search certain words in search engines they come across your website.

          It is important to develop a marketing plan if you have not already. This will help you to determine the market for your business and it will force you to brainstorm marketing options and reasons that they may or may not be a good idea for your particular business.

          I know a great SEO if you're interested. If you need any help or just someone to bounce ideas off of I would be happy to help.


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            InsideUp Newbie
            Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective tool for improving the volume and quality of
            traffic to your website. Visitors are more likely to click on free
            "organic" listings than on paid listings.

            This includes keyword research to
            find the most appropriate keywords connected to your site, directory
            and article submissions, writing press releases and obtaining relevant
            inbound links. Implementing an ongoing SEO campaign is a long term
            investment that gradually produces good search results, within 3-6
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              Analysight Newbie

              While SEO is important, you first need to have a clear definition of what you mean by "raise website traffic." Looking at your Website, I don't think you simply want to increase the number of visits to your site. That would be nice, but I also think you would want to increase the amount of time they spend on the site, the conversion rate, and the average amount they spend. These are all important considerations.

              Start by using a Web Analytics tool like Google Analytics (which is free). It will tell you, among other things, how many people are coming to your site, how long they are staying, what pages are most frequently viewed, etc. You will find these statistics helpful to in making decisions to refine various Web pages and/or offers on your Website. Some Web Analytics tools also include helping you find the sites which referred those visitors to your site, as well as popular search terms that led to your site, and/or popuar search phrases on your own site. These latter statistics can be useful in determining how much money to bid for paid search phrases in Google AdWords, as well as determining the Websites on which to run ads.

              Anne, if there's any additional questions I can answer for you, please let me know.

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                  yuerlee Newbie


                  Thank you so much! i really learned a lot from you .so i need to SEO my website and also need to do paid search phrase in google adwords at same time ?or i do it after i SEO my website for 3 0r 6 months ?

                  waiting for you answer !

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                      Analysight Newbie

                      If I were you, I would start with just the Google Analytics. When you sign up for Google Analytics, they will provide you with some HTML code to place at various points within the HTML of your web pages. Once you have Google Analytics in place, you will be able to track the specific activities that are happening on your site. Keep the analytics going each day for a few weeks or months. This will help you establish a baseline for your web traffic.

                      Then you use the information you've collected from Google Analytics to guide your SEO efforts and your use of Google AdWords. For example, if you see that visitors are commonly searching a specific phrase when they get to your site, you may choose to bid higher in Google AdWords for those keywords. In like manner, if you see a lot of orders from a particular page on your site, but you learn from Google Analytics that visitors don't go to that site directly, but instead from other pages on your site, you might try to direct visitors directly to that page with certain keywords for SEO and Google AdWords. But you will only waste money if you attempt to do a paid search without the benefit of Web Analytics.

                      And paid search isn't always necessary. Once you've made the changes that your Analytics tool guided you towards, see how your site does through organic search. After all, why pay for search traffic if you're doing a good job getting it for free?

                      Anne, if you'd like additional assistance in using Web Analytics to maximize your site's performance, Analysights can get you started for just a few hours of your time and a minimal investment. If you're interested, please check out our website at:

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                          studio 525 Adventurer
                          Alex has great advice. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool to show you how your website is working, which pages need "fixing" and which traffic sources are working the best.

                          It's also a good idea to test your offers and even pages with A/B versions. This way you can tweak your pages until they get the conversion rates you want.

                          There are many ways to get traffic. SEO is only one of them. There are many ways of getting traffic through various Social Media. Forums like this one being only one of them. If you're in a competitive market, it takes some time to rise in the search engine rankings and reach that coveted first page ranking. And very few people search past the first page.

                          Pay-Per-Click can bring you traffic while you're building your inbound links and other techniques to boost your organic search engine ranking.

                          We've found informative articles to be one of the best ways to attract highly targeted traffic to our clients' websites. It also increases the inbound links and helps boost the organic search engine ranking.

                          We actually get quite a lot of traffic just from simple posts like this. You need to post in forums where your prospects hang out in large numbers. Our target market is right here. Small businesses who want to increase their website traffic and convert those visitors into solid sales. And that's what we do for them.

                          Take a look.


                          Peter Cutler
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                          We don't just create websites.
                          We create results.
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                      TonyLe Newbie

                      I am a marketing consultant, and deal with small to medium sized businesses everyday. I have had much success with many companies for years. Feel free to give me a call and I will give you some ideas that may help your business. (425)213-0923.

                      Tony Le
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                        drivetraffic Adventurer
                        Since these posts, I hope you've had a chance to try some of the recommendations out. They are all good. If you're in to learning how to do things yourself, I've recently created an ebook course that takes you step by step on how to accomplish several different ways to drive traffic that are cost effective. The one's mentioned included. Visit You can also get a free chapter there that let's you know the strategies that are covered.

                        J.P. Marketing, LLC
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                          bigcloudmedia Adventurer
                          Do you have analytics on your site? The only reason I ask is because you want to have a good handle on your conversion current situation before diving head first into SEO and driving traffic to the site. Is your site converting? If not, chances are sending a large amount of people there won't help the situation much. The really effective SEO programs tend to be expensive and I would hate for you to do what so many of my clients did, before they became my clients, and waste money and time driving traffic to a site that didn't convert well.

                          If your site is converting though, there are a couple things you can do on-the-cheap to increase your value to Google such as: making sure your site content matches up with your keywords and descriptions of your pages, submit your site to the major website directories, submit your site to google for indexing, etc.

                          Outside your site, you can create a facebook page for your business and start driving traffic that way. You don't just want traffic, you want traffic that will convert, so investing in some limited run ads on facebook may do you well because you can target them and gauge the results relatively easily.

                          These are all things that are cheaper than SEO and yield more predictable results. We provide SEO as a service but our big thing is to not just sell you a service but take care of you as a company. Start from where you are, figure out what you really need and what you can do with what you already have. This approach tends to save you money in the long run and yield better results as well.

                          If you have questions or want to talk more, send me an email through my site at

                          Have a great day and may you be prosperous in your endeavours.