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    Website Form Submission

    PanjiaInc Newbie
      Hi all,


      I own a paving stone / artificial lawn installation company in San Diego California and most of my business is referral / word of mouth. I have dabbled in a couple different advertising sources like yellow pages, small batches of direct mail post cards (with 0 responses year to date) flyers, door hangers ect.... I put most of my advertising dollars into internet advertising (google pay per click campaigns) and have for the most part have had great rankings. I'm typically in the top 3 on the page for most of my target keywords and im getting plenty of impressions and even clicks, however, they're not converting as much as I thought they would. Only about 5% of the people viewing my site go to my "Free Estimate" page and out of those who do visit it, only 5% of those people actually fill it out. The abandonment rate i think is high.

      If anyone has any input as to what type of banners, promotions, flash designs or whatever should be placed on the home page to drive traffic to the "Free Estimate" page and then what should be put on that "Free Estimate" page to promote filling out the form. This would be great.

      P.S - I currently have a 10% off promotion shout out on the "free estimate" page for internet customers and it doesn't seem to do anything.
      If your interested in looking at the page, it's

      Thanks all!
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          Success4life Wayfarer
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Actually youor website could be the cause. Guy Kawasaki ( has great pne pagers in Entrepreneur Magazine each month and June 2009 page 30 was :Website marketing Turnoffs". See if you can find the mag for the details but here is an overview:

            1. Forcing Immediate registration
            2. The long url
   that do not generate urls'
            4. the unsearchable website
            5. Sites without delicious, Digg and Fark bookmarks
            6. limited contact to email
            7. Lack of feeds and email lists
            8.making users retype email addresses (this drives me nuts)
            9. no email addresses as usernames
            10. case sensitive usernames and passwords
            11. friction-full commenting
            12. unreadable confirmation codes
            13. emails witour signatures

            the fact that people are coming to your website is a good thing, getting somone there is HALF the battle, once they are there, you have to KEEP THEM there. A good web experience will ensure that. You may want to do some research and find the point where they exit the site, that will be your starting point. Remember, no music.Auditory input interferes with someone trying to gather information visually.
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              I looked at your website. What I found irksome was the fact that I had to save the e mail you would send after I submitted the form. You will already have that information in your records. Why are you asking someone to do something additional?
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                DomainDiva Ranger
                Brainstorm again here. You are a design/installtion company. How difficult would it be to have an interactive design section on your site? That way people could play and design and then call for an estimate. (?)

                Customers love interactive stuff....

                That's why e-Bags is such a great website. There are all kinds of things to see when buying bags and luggage.