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    Deliveries, bulk,household goods.

    Khutie2005 Newbie

      i have a small truck ( 14ft). how do i go about getting some work for it? either from warehouses or businesses or household moving?
      any ideas, tips, leads would be greatly appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Getting work using your small truck. Sounds like a marketing problem.
          Tell us more about you and the truck. Are you using the truck for business NOW?? Where are you located??
          Do you have a BUSINESS NAME?? Guessing that the truck is licensed and has insurance.
          The Sides and Back of a truck are a great place to advertise. A slogan like "TRUCK FOR HIRE'
          with a phone number would be a great start.
          Market your services, identify customer demands, advertise, give out flyers to warehouses and businesses.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            Many apartment buildings and complexes have bulletin boards near their mailboxes or in the laundry facilities. Since people move in and out of those places a lot, it's a great place to post a flyer with tear-tabs or a business card pocket. College student unions are another good spot to post a flyer. If you live within walking or biking distance of a strip mall with lots of pass-by traffic, you might park the truck in a visible space near the street when it isn't being used with a "Truck for Hire" or "Need Help Moving Something?" sign on the side with your phone number. (Kinko's or someplace could make up a large, stick-on sign like that so you wouldn't have to paint the truck.) Hope this helps. Good luck!
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              Marzipan Wayfarer
              How about posting flyers at Home Depot, or a similar type of business? Maybe you can post this service on Craigslist too - such as in a furniture sales section? People are always buying furniture and deliveries by furniture companies are always expensive.