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    Registered Agent??

    LUCKIEST Guide
      Hello. Thank you for your time. I am looking for
      some advice regarding an LLC Registered Agent. I formed my LLC a few years ago
      and was told that I needed to have a Registered Agent. So, for ease, I kept the
      same company that set my LLC up. Now, I am receiving my annual bill for their
      service for $225.
      My question: - is it true that I have to
      have an outside agency as a Registered Agent? If so, do you know the best way
      to find a reputable one? I looked online and found that MANY companies were
      less expensive, but I don't know if they are legit. I appreciate any guidance
      you can give me.
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          dublincpa Scout

          Standard disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice. Check with the state and/or your attorney.

          In most states, you can be your own registered agent. The registered agents serves for the most part two functions:

          1. To receive correspondence from your Sec of State such as the annual forms.
          2. To receive service of process if the entity is sued. That is one of the principal reasons aside from taxes that foreign entities have to register.

          There will likely be some initial fees with the state and county to change if you go that route, but you can save money if you want to do a little more leg work.
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            thompson Newbie
            in CA it was as simple as filing an update to my Statement of Information form and listing our office location and the name of our Office Manager as the Registered Agent.
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              Santa Fe CPA Adventurer
              Hi there Luckiest,

              The very simplest solution to the Registered Agent question for a small business in any jurisdiction is for one of the officers or managing member to fulfill that role.
              As noted above the function of Registered Agent is to be the point of contact to accept service documents from a court or State authority.
              As a CPA, I have served as the Registered Agent for several of my clients, particularly those for whom I have "organized the company and filed their Articles of Incorporation or Organization.

              Do it yourself and save the few bucks.

              Richard Robinson

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                Complete waste of money. You can do it yourself.
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                  Horny Toad Wayfarer

                  Some of the articles I have read on the topic have stated that you need to be available during regular business hours if you are making yourself the registered agent.  Or maybe that is just what they say to stay in business.  Legalzoom set mine up for 179 a year, but I have seen cheaper ones on the internet as well.

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                    Moderator Berta Guide

                    Have you gotten the answer you were looking for Luckiest?