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    Menu planning?

    JavaJoe Wayfarer
      Does anyone know how to plan a menu for a sandwich shop? How do I decide on the best sandwiches to sell? And how do I determine the cost to charge? Any tips are appreciated!
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          The best sandwiches to sell are the ones that your potential customers will buy -- so start by figuring out who those customers are and what they will want. Hungry construction workers may want something more substantial than a busy office professional would. Mothers with pre-school children may need menu items their kids will eat, while college students probably don't. Additional considerations regarding ingredients are necessary if your customers will carry-out. The starting place is to get a profile of your customer base.


          In the beginning, I would limit the menu to a few things you know you can prepare and sell consistently to you main type of customer. You don't want to be serving stale ingredients, nor do you want to be wasting or throwing out food. Plus, as people come in initially, you can ask them what they'd like to see on the menu (I know several places that named their sandwiches after the individuals, occupations, or companies that originally asked for them -- and they established a rapport with their customer base in the process).


          Once you build a potential menu, you'll list the ingredients you need, find suppliers, estimate costs, and project sales volumes. That should tell you what you have to charge per item to make a reasonable profit (and if it seems like you'd be charging too much, you'll have to adjust the ingredients, the supplier, or both). Again, even though small quantities may cost more, I wouldn't buy any supplies in large quantities until you have a steady volume of business and know what you really need.

          Hope this helped some. Good luck!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Lighthouse had a really great answer. Tell us more. Is the sandwich shop OPEN NOW??
            What are the hours?? How many days a week?? Do you have a breakfast trade?? Lunch trade??
            The best sandwiches are the ones that sell. You have to know your customers. Are you the cook??
            sandwich maker?? How many people work in the shop??
            Maybe experiment with different specials for each day of the week.
            Where are you located??(down town??, in a strip mall??) Who is your competition??
            You have to identify customers demand and your market.
            Do you have a bookkeeping system to keep track of sales and costs??
            Good luck, LUCKIEST