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    Are "bag / purse parties" good idea for designer handbags?

    mrs.jeremiah Wayfarer
      I have found a reputable sorce for purchasing high end designer handbags, jewelry and accessories at wholesale pricing. I am so exvcited because it is a great oppurtunit to launch my own business. I believe there is market out there for these items, especially because the purchase price enables me to have a good profit margin yet still giving my customers big savings.

      I am in the process of creating my business plan so feedback is much appreciated!! I contemplated selling online but I'm not sure how people would feel about buying high end designer items online, especially because no one knows me although I can gurantee all my products. Would you buy a highend designer handbag online? why? why not?

      I also considered a brick and morter store front so consumers can come in and look at the items, serial numbers etc to put them at ease. I would have it in a high traffic area geared towards my tagert market, probably in west l.a. or hollywood. the downside of this is it would take away from profit, and increase business expenditure. also i am a stay at home mum and would prefer to set my own schedule, which I cannot do as I would have to be at the store 9-5

      Also, can someone give me a ball park credit score range to obtaining a $15,000 business loan with a decent apr and loan term.

      Thank you everyone, I'm glad I found this forum!