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    New Art Business- I need help with getting off the ground.

    Marfire_Art Newbie
      I started Marfire Studios just recently and actually am helping good artists sell their work. I am an artist myself and getting into graphic design and need help with marketing and capital. mainly capital and start up costs. I already have a website ( which is my main way of selling things but it costs money to get the tools i need to continue to build the site up to par and also advertise the way i need to on the web. my cart is not even up and running yet because i have no way of getting people to look at it. im 24 and dont exactly have good credit due to divorce and identity theft and so traditional loans are not an option. I am getting local press releases but need to market to home builders, commercial builders and anyone eles that needs to go to get good art and decor for their space. i want my company to be ''the place to go'' for when you are designing and building. I have wonderful ideas it is just getting off the ground that is my problem. i work a part time job so i can live and will be going to school for graphic design so i need help knowing where to go to SAFELY get capitol and help.