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    Is Multi-Level Marketing the answer?

    Radix_eco Newbie

      With the current state of the economy and unemployment at its highest in decades, it's no wonder I have noticed an increase in the number of multi-level marketing programs my friends and family are pushing on me. I have been asked to try just about everything from Life Insurance to Vitamins and everything in between. While many of the programs are good and offer great products, my issue with most of them are the costs associated with maintaining your "active" status. Many of these programs have you paying several hundred dollars to start and several hundred a month just to stay in the program. I once had several cases of a particular product in my garage and paid over a hundred dollars a month just to stay in the program. It was very difficult and uncomfortable to convince people to buy my product for hundreds of dollars when they were also struggling along financially.


      Earlier this week one of my friends came to me with the latest and greatest. I didn't want to part with my money this time knowing it would surely be lost in the "black hole" as well as stock my garage with god knows what product. He was a close friend so I heard him out... he went on to tell me about it and the different ways I could use it to save on cell phone usage, protect my privacy and manage my home, work, business and cell phone numbers with some pretty cool features. While I think the product is great and could see the many uses for it, I was still on the fence. Well, I have to say I was VERY excited once he told me about the opportunity and how inexpensive it is to join and maintain. Ok... hold on to your hats... $35 a year for the program and $24.99 a month for the service! That's it! I figured I could sign up even if only as a favor to my buddy. As I learned more and more about the cool features and how easy it is because of the low price and easy commission structure, I became a believer in the program! At Just 5 days since I signed-up, I am already profitable!

      My point here wasn't to advertise (although it may sound like it :) ), but to make someone (anyone) out there have an open mind and realize that a multi-level marketing program may be the answer to the layoffs and madness of the economy. Perhaps I just wanted to vent my frustrations when trying to talk to friends and family about my program and the negetivity I get before I can even explain.