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    Need help/advice for my website idea!!  Please

    ladybiz1 Newbie
      Hello everyone, I just signed up with this community because I've been reading some of the helpful tips people have been receiving and am hoping I too will find some good advice.

      I'm an extremely driven single mom who came up with, what I believe to be a great niche market site. I already have the site up and running, although all of the bugs are not yet ironed out. Therein lies my problem. I am not a programmer and as a single mom, can't really afford to hire one either. I purchased the domain name, license, and software program needed to run the site, and spent weeks customizing it. I've pretty much taken it as far as I can with my lack of skills, but I don't want to start marketing it until it's just right.

      I guess I'm also hoping for some honest opinions about the site itself (as it stands now), and then maybe some helpful tips for improvement.

      My site is It's like a craigslist for teens only. A safe place where they can buy, sell and swap with each other locally. With the economy the way it is, many parents don't have the money to buy the extra things teens want (I know from experience)! So, this is a way for them to sell or swap their unwanted items to other teens.

      I'm sincerely looking forward to hearing from all of you about this idea and the site itself!!

      Thanks so much for taking the time-out to help me.