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    True Leverage vs. Implied Leverage

    markhill Newbie
      If you are like me (and the thousands of other individuals in the
      network marketing industry) and have struggled I feel your pain. But
      my struggles stem from inherantly being a little lazy. All of us are
      in some sense or we wouldn't be part of an opportunity.

      Here is where my troubles have been in the past. I have been a part
      of a few different companies (like many of you out there) and the
      problem is that it has take me some time to learn the difference
      between true leverage of your time and money vs. implied leverage of
      your time and money.

      The difference:

      +*True Leverage - You can someone up with a service that
      someone is already using and already gladly pays their bills month in
      and month out without them ever having to come back to you to purchase

      +*Implied Leverage - You have a product or service that
      you continually have to go back and ask people to re-order on an
      on-going basis, and the leverage comes in where you can expand with
      other distributors to 'lighten the load' on how much product you
      personally have to sell each month. However, you still have to go back
      and constantly sell your products.*+

      Difference: Time, frustration, money

      Time - If you have to constantly worry each month or every couple of
      months on who you are going to get your sales from each month to meet
      your minimum requirements why don't you just go get a sales job. If
      you are like me look for an opportunity that allows you help someone
      with a service they are already using - however it allows you to make
      true residuals month-to-month without actually asking that customer to
      purchase again.

      Frustration - when it comes down to it people really do not care
      where they get their products from unless they are a wellness freak or
      they really-really love you. Other than that you could have the magic
      pill from Thailand that will stop cancer and people will still be going
      through chemo and cancer treatment.

      Money - when you don't have to go back to the same customers over
      and over again to ask them if they are going to purchase you can spend
      more time on aquiring new customers. This is where the law of
      exponensial expansion really kicks into high gear when not only you are
      doing this - but your team is as well.

      I hope you enjoyed and this gives you a little insight of where you will make your next move.

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