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    Discover what makes a prospect want to be in business with u

    markhill Newbie
      In network marketing these days people get crushed under the log
      without knowing why. They figure they have the product that everybody
      will love and the compensation plan that pays enough money for them to
      retire from their job young and rich. However, they crash and burn.
      Reason why is because they have not taken the time to get to know the
      person. They approached them about the business and showed them the
      plan. Big mistake there.
      Here is the solution to the problem. Ask yourself
      how much time does your prospect have to dedicate himself to your
      business. Does he have free time in the morning or during the day and
      does he have family obligations to work around? What does your prospect
      want to get out of it?

      If you are an active listener you will know what
      lifestyle benefits is your prospect looking for. Lets say your prospect
      is a housewife that has to take care of his children, you may want to
      emphasize the flexible hours and the chance for her to work from at
      home. If your prospect were a businessman making good money, however
      his job was taking over his life by him having to work 90 hours each
      week, you would discuss the quality time he can have by building his
      business and the benefits of residual income. Find out what the
      prospect wants and get their attention so that they should want to take

      A better way to get him going so that he won't have
      to think it over and will believe in himself to stick with the
      program is to mention something like this. You can only have a lead
      generation system that is targeting the most qualified people that you
      want to have on your team. Then I am going to train them at no charge
      five days a week to build relationships and become top sponsors who
      will build you a residual income that will last forever!!

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