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    6 Key Factors Leading To A Network Marketing Revolution

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      In case you didn't know, we are
      in the middle of a revolution in the Network Marketing industry. Here
      are the six key factors leading to the revolution (as I see them):

      1. Social Media and Social Commerce have hit the mainstream with
      Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and eBay, while overall acceptance of
      affiliate programs as a way to generate income online has opened the
      door for a clearer understanding of what Network Marketing really is.
      Network Marketers adopted Social Commerce about 60 years ago. Its
      nice to see the world catching on.

      2. Billionaires are promoting and/or investing in the Network
      Marketing industry including Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Donald

      3. After 60 years of compensation plans not falling far from the Amway
      tree (arguably the worst compensation plan in Network Marketing), there
      are some interesting Hybrid Network Marketing Compensation plans
      popping up that actually learn from the past. These plans are taking
      the very best of what worked and throwing out what doesn't work to
      create a hybrid plan that will allow the average person to create a
      generous part time income and the high achiever to create significant

      4. The world wide economy is perfect for a major Network Marketing
      growth period. A couple of years ago in the U.S., someone with an
      entrepreneur's mind could watch a TV show about flipping a house,
      purchase a property for $200K, add some paint and landscaping and turn
      around and sell the house 4 months later for $275K. No more. Network
      Marketing is the most attractive business in the marketplace today when
      you consider the potential return and the start up of less than $1,000
      in most cases.

      5. Network Marketing companies are getting more professional. Six
      years ago, Xango changed the way Network Marketing companies brand and
      market themselves. Other companies followed in the footsteps of
      Xango, creating professional web sites and consistant branding across
      their product line. In fact, I can think of one company that is built
      around their bottle. The contents of the bottle have been proven to be
      weak on many levels but the bottle has first class branding and
      continues to sell.

      6. We are now seeing successful business people from other industries
      bring a new professionalism to the Network Marketing industry.

      The revolution in Network Marketing is not any one of these six
      factors, it is all of them coming together in a unique time frame.
      Don't miss the revolution!



      Launching AUGUST 2009:
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          There are a lot of misspelled words (mercedes being one), several grammatical errors (Global business in Day One). The video is very annoying, making the entire presentation annoying and there is no information on any of the new technologies being used to develop a group downline. All there is on the website is input to make the reader/user FEAR like they will be missing out on something if they don't sign up.

          If this is the website authorized by the company....