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    I have an excellent opportunity to make me US alot of money

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      My name is Bobby Sailing. I have recently decided to take my part time job and turn it into a full time gig. I just got a contract with Powell Emergency Services who subcontracts for FEMA and local and state governments for construction demolition cleanup and debris cleanup. I have been offered a contract in Galveston, TX starting the 1st of next month. I am in dire need of $14,000 USD to purchase the remaining piece of equipment I am lacking, a Dump Trailer.
      I was originally contracted to bring my 2005 Tracked skidsteer there to scrape up and pile/load debris into trucks. However upon further discussion with the owners of this contract (who i was supervising for FEMA at the time in KY) it is much more profitable for me to also buy a Tandem Dump Trailer and haul debris that I pile and load making me more versatile and valuable to their company. I will be purchasing a 20' Tandem Dump Trailer aswell as the needed break controller equipment and the necessary insurance with this money and the remaining amount will be kept in savings to keep us running until the first payday. I will get paid after 2 weeks or operation and I have the immediate option of a forward $10,000 in operation money after that 2 weeks. I am seeking someone to temporarily fun me this $14,000 for a term up to 6 months at a interest rate of their choosing. I understand it is a big risk lending to a newly formed entity but I assure you the money is there to be made and this is a very great opportunity with one of the nations biggest contracts whom I have became friends with.
      Please review the worksheet below which will give an in-depth look at this contract:
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      Expected Income & Expense Worksheet

      Contract: Powell Emergency Services Jerry

      Contract length: Approx 4 Months

      Contract Location: Galveston Island,

      Job Description: Will be pileing,
      loading and removing debris out of housing district.



      Case Financial Income for contract_*
      Daily: Weekly:

      Skidsteer Operation: $500 $3,500 $14,000

      Trailer Operation: $1,880 $13,160 $52,640

      (Based on $4 per CU

      Yard, 47 CU YD Trailer Total Min. Made Per
      Mo: $66,640

      10 loads a day) 4 Mo.
      Contract Total: $266,560

      What Jerry Makes: $39,984

      Total after Jerry's cut: $226,576



      Case Financial Income for contract_*

      Daily: Weekly: Monthly:

      Skidsteer Operation: $700 $4,900 $19,600

      Trailer Operation: $4,935 $35,545 $138,180

      (Based on $7 per CU

      Yard, 47 CU YD Trailer Total Avg Max Per Mo: $157,780

      15 Loads a day. 4 Mo.
      Contract Total: $631,120

      NOTE: Sometimes What Jerry
      Makes: $94,668 or 15%

      Can reach as high as 30 Total After Jerry's cut: $536,452

      Loads but I give myself

      Room for error.)



      Business Costs_*

      Commercial Liability ½
      Million:$1,330 YR or $110.83 Per Mo.

      Truck Insurance: $103.00 per mo.

      Diesel Fuel Estimate: 35 GPD (Gallons Per Day) at $2.21 gal
      = $2,320.50

      Food:$10 day allowance- $300

      *Total Monthly
      Business Expenses: $2834.33*

      *Over 4 months
      contract: $11337.32*


      *Does not
      include any maintenance expenses which could run up to $5,000*


      As you can see the money is there and I plan on returning the lender his her money as soon as I get on my feet in the first few months. I do hope someone can possibly assist in finding a lender/individual who would be willing to work with me on this.
      Thank you for your time,
      Bobby Sailing
      CDZ Contracting