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    Please review my shopping cart

    Mike75065 Scout

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        • Re: Please review my shopping cart
          lovemykids Wayfarer
          Well is this a advertisement for your website or are you looking for a honest review?
          After looking at your website today. None of your links work and your website loads with tons of red x's that I would assume are supposed to be pictures or something?

          All of our things on the left side that are suppose to confirm your SSL, Live Support, Awards, Secure Server do not link to confirm this? So I would make those work.

          This is a ZEN cart application shopping cart so I do not understand why you would say that you are secure. Zen cart is a open source so no way it is secure (I would never purchase anything from a person using Zen cart). If you cant spend a few dollars on a real shopping cart, You should not be in business.

          PS: I just checked your website again and I picked up a error message saying. This website has exceded its daily limit.