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    sale person

    greeney Newbie
      hi my name is al i have been in the lanscape maintenace industry for 1o years i always had co stumer retention with my clients by performing quality lanscape services for there comunities i have notice a spike in compitition from upstarting companies with sales guys eatingaway i have advertized in local industry groups dex but not getting good responce i want to look for a sales rep to take us to the next lstep but i dont know how to aquire about and how to interview and what i should pay iam a small company running 4 5man crews daily my wife is runing the office i spend my days making sure there is quality control i seem to have no time to SALE MY COMPANY WILL A GOOD SALE PERSON SOLVE THIS PROBLEM? WHAT QUESTIONS DO I NEED TO ASK THANK U SO MUCH IN ADVANCE








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          instantv Adventurer
          If you would like to give me a call or provide me with your contact information I will be more than happy to give you answers to your questions as well as some additionial pointers on things you can do yourself to gain more business in you area. Just take a look at my profile and you will see my contact information.