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    starting a driveway sealer service

    Wayne903 Newbie

      I'm looking for some info on the basic tools for the start up of a driveway sealer service. As in the basic i need just at start up, and later on upgrading to better etc.

      have a large tank already, that's ready to mount on a pre-made trailer
      for it. I just need some thoughts on how to set this tank up for this
      kind of operation(it as no pumps etc)

      I'm starting this up as
      a part time deal since there is only 1 other service in my area doing
      this, and they or well over 30 miles from me.

      Thanks for any advice.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          starting a driveway sealer service, Welcome

          Tell us more. Who are you?? Why are you starting a driveway sealer service??

          What is your background?? Thanks
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            CCS_INC Adventurer
            Good to see people wanting to start their own businesses. Do you have a business plan? Projected financials? If not email me at and I will assist you as I may have a solution for you.
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              phanio Pioneer

              I would suggest you find a mechanic or engineer in your area that could help you set up you tank.

              I also suggest that you find a small business development center in your area and let them help you with the rest of the business (incluing marketing).

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                Wayne903 Newbie
                I have run my own tree service buisness for 4 1/2 years. With the hard times with jobs there is a ton of... Well not sure what to call them. The ones that don't know much about what there doing, but get the jobs cause they under bid the well known tree services.. So i sold out to a larger tree service, and costing my seeds in this area since there is none local.

                I have a business plane etc, but just looking for some tips for basic start up. I really don't wont to spend 3k etc per tool at start up, but save some money for back up if it don't work out. I did the same with my tree service.. I started with a $1500 bucket truck wtih a 50 foot boom, and a chipper i got for $800. I used them for almost 2 years be for selling to upgrade.

                I worked in the driveway sealer area when i was younger, but times have changed.

                P.S: I'm a good wilder, and made my trailer myself. So kind of wonted to do the same with the tank, but if i have to.. I will send it to a shop, but $30 an hour seems kind of high just for welding. I guess i could check around for a smaller welding place that might be more friendly.