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    Need Help Identifying Angel Investors

    dcrahn Newbie
      I have several clients who are in need of either Joint Venture Capital or Working Capital on a short term basis. I am finding several, very expensive search sites which promise nothing but the fact that I will pay their fee to have a chance to search. Does anyone have another solution?
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          CCS_INC Adventurer
          Never pay anyhing to "search". If your clients need financing, email me at We dont charge anything upfront. We can help to provide an alternative method of financing.
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            Following is an excerpt from my book "How To Find Money for Your Business". You might find it helpful:


            Online you have access to a vast universe of funding sources and resources to find financial partners and investors. You can search by the following search terms (and probably many other keywords that will occur to you) and find hundreds of resources to explore:


            • Investors
            • Private equity
            • Venture capital
            • Business capital
            • Angel investors
            • Raising capital
            • Funding
            • Business investors
            • Business buyers
            • Business partners
            • Start-up capital
            • Financing
            • Financial partner
            • Investment capital


            In your search results you will find a variety of venue sites (that want to charge you for access or to post funding requests) and you will find sites that are direct sources of funding and investor/investment firm sites. Go to the sites that are direct funding sources/investors and look at the type of businesses that interest them. Often they will either describe the type of businesses they are interested in or will list past and current investments so that you can see what kind of businesses appeal to them.


            When you find one that looks like they could have interest in your clients type of business or venture bookmark that site and look through the site for a good point of contact (often they will say who to send business plans, executive summaries etc. to; that is who you would want to contact).


            Once you complete your research, to find investors and other resources useful to you, you will want to make a brief phone call to them and/or send out an email to introduce yourself to them. If you don't hear back from someone you have sent an email to wait about a week (they may be busy and not able to get back to you right away) and then send another email as a follow-up or give them a phone call. Always include your reply email address; it also helps to have a phone number where someone can reach you to leave a message.

            Have a blind profile on the deal seeking the funding ready and on hand to send in reponse to any positive replies that you get. I do not recommend sending a complete business plan etc. when someone expresses some initial interest. There is an article on my website titled "The 4 Simple Things to start with presented to investors in a way that is virtually 100% certain to be read" that goes into the reasoning behind that.

            I hope the above helps you in some way.

            Dennis Lowery
            Adducent, Inc.
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              phanio Pioneer
              If you are seeking short-term financing - Angel or Venture Capital is not your best avenue. There are many alternative financing options that would be better suited. Most investors are interested in long-term gains (e.g. 5 to 7 years) with some type of major liquidity exit event.

              Alternative financing options depend on the business, the need (amount), and the purpose.

              There are accounts receivable factoring, purchase order financing, business cash advances - all designed for short term working capital. There are also unsecured business lenders that can provide working capital provided your clients have good credit (these are unsecured).

              Laslty, there are SBA loans as well as SBICs that can help with short-term working capital.

              Business Money Today
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       offers free search of venture capitalists and angel investors. Also free to post your business proposals. However, the best and fastest way to find angel investors are through people you already know. 'Trust' builds speed. You should try to talk to your lawyers and accountants to see if they can refer you some people. You can also try to attend some conferences and personally meet more people.