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    -Ready to get Personal/Business Credit with No upfront fees?

    barterbroker Wayfarer

      From $10,000.00 http://U.S.D. same-day-response upwards to $1,000,000.00+


      Our company {Trade and Barter Mutual, LLC. .} can surety-bond, credit-insure,and even use your chattel as collateral in order to help _you _get the credit/financing that you need -- now. Why?

      Because as a Member of our Trade Exchange, we have an insureable interest in your financial well-being.

      Here's the "deal": IF we don't perform ... you pay NOTHING. MUST HAVE FICO of 620 or higher!!

      Interested ?

      Please call for, Jay Smith 888-276-2191 Give us time and day to call you back.

      Our office is in Fairfax, Virginia --- eastern time.

      TBM... "the world's first 100% U.S. dollar cash-convertible barter exchange"; co-Trusteed by United Bank ... FDIC insured.