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    Contact and task sharing

    DafnaR Newbie

      Hi all,


      We are a small and new business looking to track leads and customers. We have standardized on Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager.

      The problem is that we have 5-6 people in our office each running his own local database. Is there an inexpensive option to synchronize our Outlooks? (i.e. make sure each contact edited gets updated on all other PCs, assign tasks between members, etc.)

      Thank you in advance for any tip or suggestion

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          You are looking for a tip or a suggestion O K.
          Try googling "synchronize our Outlooks"
          There are two or three suggestions and I found the one that says
 be what you are looking for.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            DomainDiva Ranger
   should do it for you.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              By "inexpensive," I assume you've considered Exchange Server and want to know if there is a less costly alternative. If so, a web-hosted "virtual office" might be what you're looking for. These provide the functionality you describe for a monthly or yearly subscription/license fee that's based on the number of users you set up. (There are some cheap or freeware tools for sharing/synching calendars, but I'm not aware of anything that low-end that handles the type of contact and task collaboration you need.)
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                NetworkGuru Wayfarer

                I do not recommend using many of the "freeware/shareware" applications out there. They will not work well. If you are looking to start syncing your Outlook calenders, you really have 2 options.

                1) If your business doesn't yet have a server, purchase Microsoft Small Business Server. It includes Exchange server which will provide you with all your email, scheduling and task assignment capaibilities.

                2) Signup with one of the Sales/Marketing applications online like

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                  majones Wayfarer
                  Since you're already using Business Contact Manager, you might want to consider adding Microsoft Office Accounting to the mix. What is interesting here is that when you are using Office Accounting on your network, along with Business Contact Manager, there's a way to have the BCM contacts sit in the SQL database with the accounting data, making them available to everyone.

                  This way, you can continue using what you're familiar with, but have the contacts be in a central database rather than individual ones.