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    Invest in Mexico

    liveinusainve Newbie
      I have a chance of partnering with some people in a business in Mexico. We need to raise 900 000 USD to buy equipment but we would save about 650 000 USD annually for my partner whose company would be our only client. He will invest 450 000 USD in the business and I need to find the rest. Any advice where to go looking for finance for the other half of the investment. Theoretically the equipment has three times higher capacity than what he can use but only with his current usage we can create 650 000 USD savings in material to him annually. Please advice the best options if you have any ideas.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Invest in Mexico, Welcome. Just got back from Cabo San Luca

          Tell me more. Where in Mexico?? What kind of business?? What equipment??

          Have you developed a business plan that I can read??

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              liveinusainve Newbie

              The business will be located in Mexico City in the premies of my partner. The business is in printing and the equipment is a printing machine.

              The business plan has not been prepared just yet, i will meet again with my partner on Friday and the business model will be discussed then. Now, it is more of a question if we can find funding for this project even if the pay back looks pretty good.