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    Assumable Business

    Alex07631 Wayfarer
      I am looking for a business to assume. Are you burned out?, medical issues?, etc. Let me know.... I am not looking to buy a business, merely take over where you left off. Is business down? I can
      revitalize..... Business must have no debt attached except possibly the
      leasehold and normal expenses. All businesses considered. Please forward
      to me any pertinent information regarding the business and a good way to contact you during the daytime. Responses without this information will not be answered. Sorry, too
      many scams out there. I am serious about this offer if it is the right situation. I have many years of operations management experience to input. I am presently Executive Vice-President at a public company.

      To help me revitalize your business if assumed, I have access to top lawyer who is excellent at business law, internet marketing guru who founded largest teen social network in the world and currently is collegue, world class programmer who has top consulting company in NYC and many other collegues I can reach out to that can help. I would also be also consider a
      partnership opportunity if you have something feasible that needs to be taken to the next level and can show stream of income. Let me know your ideas!! I figure since its so damn hard to get financing with bad to no credit, I guess this would be a better way to obtain a business to run. I have tried a few times around here and boy....what scammers we have out there! This would work sort of like an assumable mortgage. I would like to work out details on how to maybe buy your business on flexible terms also.

      Impeccable references from public company C-Level execs of public companies and owner of corporations (all verifiable and former collegues/supervisors) available upon request. None of my references are email or by letters. Real deal if you need to place calls and all phone numbers are listed on 8k filings, 10q filings, etc. I am totally a serious/professional person and I am hoping to weed out the sharks that just think everyone will be sending a "due diligence fee" upfront with no guarantees.

      Serious inquiries only to be fully vetted before giving out ANY confidential information. I appreciate your understanding.

      Thank you