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    Is it still only a dream?

    mzconfuse Newbie

      I have never been more ready than this to start my own business, but the idea of failing makes my head hurt and me depressed. It seems like I fail at everything I try to accomplish in the past, relationships, friends, jobs, education and it goes, goes, goes on and on. I know that starting a business isnt easy because if it was, everyone would be doing it. I am dedicated to my dream but the reality of it coming true scares the s**t out of me. I have many ideas but dont know which onw is worth investing into.

      Any warm words of comfort because I so deeply need it.


      Thank So Much.
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          CCS_INC Adventurer
          It is only a dream until you make it a reality. I believe thats just human nature, "Fear of the unknown" or "What if". Believe me I was in the same state of mind as you one time until I realized that the sun will continue to rise in the east and set in the west. My point is that the world is going to continue to go on with or without you. But you have to realize that "I am just sick of being sick and tired! Im tired of my job, my relationships, friends, education, etc" I am going to put more energy into bettering myself. Then execute. Im not saying quit your job or anything. But take small steps toward what you want to do. As the saying goes " You will never know until you try"