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    Starting/Expanding a Business in this economy.

    CCS_INC Adventurer
      Anyone have the idea of starting a business in this economy? How about a show of hands..... Yeah I know, one would be crazy to start a business now right? Wrong? Believe it not, the last time our country was in a recession (uhhh Great Depresion), more businesses were started than ever before. Why you ask? Because even back then, people realized potential. Resources were cheaper, unemployment was high. So why not start a business! To make a long story short, dont be afraid to reach for the sky and become your own boss. I understand that it may be scary at times, but that's what makes life so exciting! So if you need help with putting a plan together or maybe a few tips on financing your start-up or expansion, don't hesitate to email me. Let me know what you are thinking! My email address is If you need help putting together a business plan, I can help. And no I wont charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to do so. Only a few are fortunate to pay that kind of money for this kind of service. Also, email me for financing tips that you never thought possible.......