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    a person owns a sole proprietorship service type business

    christie33549 Newbie

      Everyone starts a business for income to provide for themself and their family. How do you keep from being taken advantage of in that some people think this business service that you provide to the public is volunteer and they walk away without paying. You can't take them to court to pay for "service" as what proof would you have? But you'd waste a lot of time in court and lose precious time and money there too. And how do you do a contract on the internet when people are anonymous, they share what you provide with their friends, and you can't track them down for payment? Please provide your thoughts and direction. Thanks.
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          A sole proprietorship service type business, Welcome

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          Going back to your question, NOBODY should walk away WITHOUT paying for a service. Something is wrong.

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            What keeps you from walking out without paying when you get your hair cut?
            (1) There's a clear understanding up-front regarding what will be done, how much it will cost, and your agreement to pay for the service rendered.
            (2) There's a standard process for collecting your payment after the service is provided.
            (3) There's evidence that a service was performed (the recipient has benefited in some way).
            (4) The provider of the service knows who you are and will call the police if you don't pay. If this is a legally-operated enterprise, then not paying is a criminal matter, and it doesn't really involve that much of time to prosecute it (at least, not in comparison to the money you'll lose if people discover that your business won't press charges when they rip you off).

            It sounds like one or more of those four elements is currently missing from your sales process, and needs to be added. Good luck!