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      Young Entrepenuer who may be crushed my larger company :(

      I am in need of some real business advice. I am a young entrepenuer who is building my company from scratch. I started a events/wedding company out of my home a few years back. As i began booking more clients, I than filed for a DBA and got a business liesence. Unfortionatly, since I was a one man company, I filed for a sole prorpierter, and not an LLC, or INC. I currently have a valid liesence, business bank account, and am a sole prorpirter of my company.

      I filed my DBA in 2007 and have been working hard to build my small company with very little seed money. In the past year, I have been building my clients and vendors, and have had real great progress and even plan on opening a small office out of my apt in LA in a few months. I am still building my company and have big plans, but to my shock, I found a company based in SF with the same name, but the company (having a lot more money) has TM the name. They have also a very similiar business aesthetic, and some of their verbage on there site is similiar to mine. Again, since my company is still small, their site is a lot more high tech than mine but was clearly created after mine. (dated 2009, mine is dated 2007-2008)

      I am so confused and fear that I may lose all this hard work I have put in because this other company is larger and has more money. What do i do?