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    Saving Money With Teleconferencing...

    quicknews2000 Newbie

      Companies are not the only ones saving big bucks with teleconferencing these days. Town halls are now using town hall teleconference from companies like for town hall meetings. It not only saves time, it also saves money. You don't have to leave your home to use teleconferencing. What are you doing to save your company or organization money?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Saving Money With Teleconferencing, Yes great idea

          I have used FreeBridge for our conference
          call needs and it is FREE.

          FreeBridge has unlimited uses for your professional or
          personal life. For example, FreeBridge is commonly used to conduct board
          meetings, legal depositions, sales or training seminars, or even getting family
          and friends together. See your business processes streamlined, increase
          productivity, communicate vital information quickly, and save time and money
          with FreeBridge!

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              Bluesuit Adventurer
              FREE? I'm going to check it out. How can a company afford to do it for free? I know you can make calls via internet for free, but didn't know that there were telecom companies that offer free phone calls/bridges. Thank you for the tip Luckiest.
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                  deltacon Newbie
                  Hi Bluesuit,

                  I'm new to the Community. I saw your question regarding how a company can afford to give the services away for free, and in my experience, it's often used to upsell. For instance, with my company, I offer the "free conferencing" for up to 5 people. Then, if someone wants to have a call with more than the 5 people, I set them up with a pay-per-minute plan or unlimited monthly plan. I realize not everyone is willing to pay for the service and some go but by going back to other free conferencing sites, they often have to deal with echos, static on the lines as well as busy tones during high traffic times. With my company's service, the voice quality is much better because of the equipment we use and you still don't have to make a "reservation" ahead of time.

                  Hope this helps.