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    Start Up needed, business plan in the works

    songwolffarm Adventurer
      I`m back:)
      My fiance` and I have been having a tough time of it the past year with people posing as investors who continually lie to us about buying the property for us, making "supposed" investing contracts, and never sending them and the property having not been sold at all.

      So we`re back. One year older, and still...unfortunately not married as we have only $5.11 to our name.
      A friend of ours with great experience in writing( I do too, but I`m better at novels than business stuffs) is working on our business plan on being bored often, she should have it done any day now.
      Here`s where you find the property we`ve chosen...
      go to
      Search by state-Missouri
      SHould be on the 4th page, Property # is 24213-00043 , listed Koshkonong, Missouri Title of property, Redbird Ranch Auction 3220 Acres M/L
      We`d need Start up to buy the property, build a training track for training racing Thoroughbreds, and additional barns( and getting horses to start us off. We`re willing to work on a yearly amount, or offer 25 % of the property until we can purchase it. As far as employees, we already have someone working with us, our business plan writer who also will be trainer/breeding manager and will be a live-in.
      All 3 of us are 25, and if our chosen investor is leary about a 25 year old breeding manager, she`s willing to write up a business plan from her own stand point in that role. I can also offer her phone # and she`d be willing to fly in to meet the investor for a 1 day trip. I myself can`t as...I`m plum broke and can`t stand getting medical bills in the mail saying I need to pay. :)

      I can be reached by email at and I will give my phone # when I know I have some offered help. I tried this before and got scammed by someone claiming to be a investor but never invested and stole money and I haven`t seen it since.

      Thank you
      PS. The property has a 6 unit motel, a mini laundromat, cabins, rv park, and restraunt ready to be opened (I just want to change the furniture as I find it impersonal) and plan on using home grown fruits, veggies, meat, juices, etc and offering summer get-a-aways as well. This friend, also, may know of some folks who we can hire as grooms and she`s full of great information and ideas on attracting a racing trainer (She insists finding a good one in Europe)

      Leila & James-still not married, still childless...still, just one guinea pig lol