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    Starting first business

    BWise29 Newbie
      I am currently working on a business plan to start my own school targeting areas in the health care feild. I wanted to know are their any lenders that help with starting post secondary institutions?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting first business, YES there are.

          A lot depends on your finished business plan
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            kiki55 Wayfarer
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              RanksIntl Adventurer

              That sounds like it will potentially be great! So, if there is a need for something there will be financing available for it. Any sort of educational institution is going to have a good chance of getting some sort of funding. The great thing about what you are looking to do is the fact that the health care field is still in such high demand it is an ever growing industry. You asked for lenders and I think you have a chance of getting that based on your credit and experience, however, you should also look into grants and investors since you are looking at a post secondary institution.

              You are going to need a business plan for approaching any of these people though so you should make that your first step. I specialize in small business start up and expansion so if you need any help or just someone to bounce ideas off of I'd be happy to help!

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                phanio Pioneer
                Couple of things -

                You probably will not find a lender to loan you the money. But, there may be grants out there if you set the business up as a non-profit. Then, find private foundations in the health care industry and see if they offer grants.

                Also, make sure that you set your program up for accediation in your region. This way, your students would be able to apply for and receive pell grants and student loans to cove the tuition.

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