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    Accountant wanted. Work from home. Hourly basis.

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      Part time QuickBooks accountant/bookkeeper wanted for small business on hourly basis. Northwest Tucson area preferred. Send email to Thanks. John
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          cgilton Newbie
          I have expert skills in Quickbooks and interested in a part time opportunity. I live in Manteca, CA. What is the hourly rate?
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            stevencs Adventurer

            Hire one of our Virtual Assistants for 30 hrs and get 8 hrs of Administrative services for free.

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              Accountants4U Wayfarer

              I'm sure by now you have located and Accountant/Bookkeeper however I wanted to introduce my company that is located in New York, and we have several clients outside of the state that we do all their bookkeeping and accounting work. We use Quickbookk PRO and we have a secured web site to exchange data and will allow you to review your entire files every day. We are the best, we are building the business every day. We have excellent references for you to speak too and we are good at what we do. We also do payroll and know all the state rules and regulations. Please email me should you be interested to know how this works at or you can call 518-694-2298
              I'm sure you have someone at this time, but we charge one monthly fee and we are available 24/7 for any questions or needs you may have. We work with the client and we are not here to break the bank ...we would be happy to talk to you about how all this works, how files are exchanged via our secured web site and at a cost that will floor you. I wish you the best and thank you. Larry Edinger