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    How to boost online sales with info marketing

    studio 525 Adventurer
      I've been involved in marketing and advertising for over 30 years,
      working for some of the leading advertising agencies in America. One of
      the most effective and least costly advertising methods I've ever used
      is info marketing. Essentially it involves distributing valuable
      information for free as a way to promote businesses and create a loyal
      customer base.

      My own website is a great example. It has an extremely high conversion
      rate. Most of this is due to the valuable marketing information I give
      away for free. It immediately presents me as a knowledgeable expert,
      creates trust in my visitors and encourages immediate contact.

      I do the same for my clients. As you'll see, doubling sales is not uncommon.

      There are tons of great marketing resources and information on the
      site. All for free. Plus you can download a free 43 page Special Report
      that will show you how to use the web as one of the most effective and
      least costly ways to dramatically increase both offline and online
      sales. 5 Things You Must Do Today To Instantly Increase Your Online
      Sales . . . Especially In This Tough Recession. Check it out. It's
      free. You have nothing to lose and big boost in sales to gain.

      We also offer great affiliate commissions that can amount to as much as
      $250 to $1,000 for a simple recommendation to our site. We show you how
      valuable affiliate programs can be for your business.

      Good luck and good selling,

      Peter Cutler
      Principal/Creative Director
      studio 525