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    Do you have a Millionaire Mindset or Just Broke Thoughts?

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      Do you "try" to get things done, or are you 100%
      committed to doing them?

      Do you see if it will work, or do you make it work?

      Do you see what happens, or do you make it happen?

      You see, it's all about your attitude.

      Do you view every experience as good or bad? you look at every experience as one
      that happens "for" you - one that you can learn
      from, good or bad, and one that will take you another
      step closer to living your dreams and goals?

      Again, it's all about attitude.

      Do you play Victor or Victim?

      Are you a Winner or a Whiner?

      Do you live in the problem or the solution?

      You see, your perception is your reality.

      So, take a look at what you are focussed on.

      Does what you listen to and read empower
      or disempower you?

      People, situations, conditions and circumstances
      either add to your life and make it better,
      or they deplete your life's energy.

      Is what you are paying attention to helping
      you grow, or reprogramming your mind in a
      way that will make (or keep) you broke, busted
      and disgusted?

      It's up to you to choose your focus.

      It's up to you to choose where your energy goes.

      Remember, the thoughts you think will be the
      results you drink!

      How you do anything, is how you do everything.

      Do you do things with passion, belief and intention?

      Or, do you just try, see what happens and hope
      for the best?

      Remember, what you think about, you bring about.

      So be careful of your thoughts - for they become
      your words.

      Be careful of your words - for they become you

      Be careful of your actions - for they become your

      Be careful of your habit- for they become your

      And be careful of your character - for it becomes
      your destiny.

      So, be careful of your thoughts.

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