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    How To Find Home Business Prospects LOCALLY

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      Where are all the good network marketing prospects at?

      Many networkers seem convinced they don't live anywhere near them!

      I say that because they'll spend hundreds of dollars a month on
      leads or genealogies all the while insisting that there are no decent
      prospects in their area.

      Fact is, there are. (No matter how small of a town or city you live in).

      Virtually everywhere there are people who would
      like to change their lifestyle, but who have no clue how to do that.
      There are also people in need of your product or service.

      So, what's the best way to "tap in" to this goldmine of MLM prospects known as the "local market"?

      We'll answer this by approaching it from two directions:

      1) People you naturally come in contact with and

      2) Services that can put you in contact with even more people who may be candidates for your opportunity (or product/service).

      To get started, let's define terms.

      "Local Market Prospects" refer to people who live
      or work in the same general area as you. In other words, people you
      come in contact with (or COULD come in contact with) on a daily basis.

      They are not necessarily people you know (although they can be).

      Approach Number One: Think about places you go and
      the people you cross paths with and practice alert living. Be on the
      lookout for sharp prospects wherever you go.

      Example: You visit a local restaurant. You have a
      sharp, friendly food server who catches your attention. Right away, you
      observe this person has great people skills, a strong work ethic and is
      "on the ball".

      Here's how you can EASILY prospect this person. Let's call him "John", and here's what you can say:

      John, listen want to thank you for your great
      service this afternoon, it's some of the best service I've had in a
      restaurant this year (Now at this, "John" should be all smiles as
      you've just paid him a well deserved compliment). You then proceed:
      Listen John, I own a business here in the area and always keep an eye
      out for sharp people and you definitely caught my attention today. Let
      me ask you a question: do you keep your work options open? (Now, if
      John really is a sharp, heads-up person what's he gonna say? Obviously
      "yes", to which you respond): Good for you, John. I think you'll be
      glad you do! Tell you what, you're working right now and I'm busy
      myself, I'm heading off to meet someone, but let's do this.

      Let me get your contact information and I'll drop
      you a line tomorrow (or when he get's off later the same day) and give
      you some more information on our opportunity and who we're looking for
      and see if we've got a match". Then you simply write down his
      information and you've just generated a strong local lead. Now, what
      makes it so strong is this: you've had a chance to MEET your prospect
      personally, observe their work ethic, their personality, and their
      people skills. How much stronger is THAT than simply calling a prospect
      "cold" on the phone? This is powerful.

      And it's not just limited to restaurants (although
      people in this industry often make excellent networkers). No, you can
      do this in virtually anywhere.

      Approach Number Two: Now, what can you do to come into contact with qualified local prospects in a "leveraged way"?

      Join a lead referral network!

      These are groups that meet locally and refer prospects to one another.

      You simple attend a small meeting in your area and
      share a little about yourself and your business and you can immediately
      tap into the leveraged power of business networking.

      The #1
      organization for this that I'm aware of is: BNI or "Business Networkers
      International". They are worldwide and you can get more information by

      An alternative organization (which is limited to the USA only at this time) is called: LeTip. For more info, visit

      Be sure to look in your local area and you may find additional organizations like these to expand your reach even further.

      That's it's for today..


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