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    Condescending Marketers...BEWARE.

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      Part of the now famous 'attraction marketing' concept is to brand yourself as the expert.

      Nothing wrong with that.

      Problem is, most people become CONDESCENDING in an attempt to showcase themselves as experts or MLM leaders.

      They talk down to prospects who need help.
      They verbally abuse their list.
      forget their human relations and instantly tell their prospects who
      need help, "you're wrong, you're business strategy is obsolete, I know

      Sounds familiar?

      If I'm talking about you, then OUCH.

      WE all have this tendency to become too condescending.

      But please be reminded that prospects are not looking for a know-it-all or someone who will give them verbal beatings. Example:

      Desperate Networker Asking For Help: "Can you please help me advertise my opportunity..PLEASSSEE???"

      Expert Networking Wannabe: "What? Advertise your opportunity? That's
      the reason why you're a failure in MLM. You know, as an MLM coach /
      consultant / guru / genius / celebrity / demigod, I have helped 1
      billion MLM losers make money in MLM. Now get my training for $69, if
      you think that's too expensive then go back to your employer and get a

      Of course, it may not be spoken in those exact same words,
      but I've seen lots of marketers online who do this approach (and I'm
      sure you've seen them too). I don't know about you, but it turns me
      off. AS in..its "puke inducing material".


      a general rule,most people would respond to sincere help, and if you
      seek to create goodwill with your prospects, then you'll do better in
      this business. After all, it's not the size of your list that's the relationship you have with that list.

      That's where the gold is.

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