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    Advice on building a online network

    shawn409 Newbie

      I started a website five years ago and I need some advice on what I can do to promote the website and to get people to use it and trust it.


      My goal is to create a larger database.


      I have done:


      • Paper
      • Radio
      • MySpace
      • Craigslist
      • Facebook
      • Flyers
      • Blogs
      • Press Release
      • Digg
      • Twitter
      • The Detroit News


      Can I get some advice on how to get the network of 4000 turned to 10,000


      I need some good ideas


      The website is called
        • Re: Advice on building a online network
          studio 525 Adventurer
          The resources you listed are all good. What you need is more truly valuable content. Your website doesn't explain the value of using it. This needs to be very clear. Info marketing is a very effective way to get targeted traffic. Valuable articles, Special Reports and information-filled blogs can quickly go viral as people send them to friends and colleagues. Our website is a good example of this. You can get a great deal of very useful marketing information and resources free, including a 43 page Special Report that shows you many ways to get targeted traffic and then convert those new visitors into customers with valuable information and irresistible offers. We do this for our clients and the website itself is a prime example, converting a very high percentage of visitors.
          Check it out.

          Peter Cutler
          Principal/Creative Director
          studio 525

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