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      This is something that has only just hit me as being one of THEE most
      important concepts to understand. I had been told why it was so
      important, tried to FEEL gratitude, read it in The Secret, but still
      really didn't understand its significance. Until today.

      I have
      just come through one of the worst feelings i've ever experienced, due
      some personal experiences. I literally couldn't eat, sleep or pull
      myself out of it. I wouldn't wish this feeling of dread on my worst
      enemy! I felt hopeless, lost and a deep sense of despair. And i'm a
      positive person!

      The one and only thing that pulled me out was
      to start thinking of what was good in my life, what was I thankful for.
      Now that's a hard thing to do when you feel low. But i kept at it until
      i started to feel better, and better and better. Until i realised i
      have a GREAT life and i should be thankful everyday. I truly believe i
      went through such a tough time to be taught this lesson. And i am GRATEFUL for that lesson!

      came across a site in my search for gratitude and i read some great
      stuff which brought me back onto an emotional high and i would
      encourage everyone to read this if they want to feel good and grateful.
      It may seem at times that things aren't ok, but that's just our
      perception. You create EVERYTHING that happens to you. Once you take on
      that responsibility, you know you can change your life at will.

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