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    I know more than Most, Do you???

    markhill Newbie
      Have you generated Online Leads?
      Do you Own at Least One of Mike Dillard's Products?
      Have you Posted an Article or Press release?
      Have you Posted content on a Forum?
      Do you know what a Forum is?
      Do you own E-Books or products on how to drive Traffic to your Web-Site?
      Have you had People visit your Web-Site?
      Do you have a blog or have you ever commented on a blog?
      I could keep going with this List, but let me get to the point.

      know these are some very basic things that most of you have Done. The
      knowledge it takes do these things and the knowledge you have gotten
      out of the Products you own are worth something. The Niche I market to
      Have no Idea about this stuff. I solve problems with the Knowledge I
      have attained. So do not underestimate what you already know because
      you know more about online marketing than about 90% of the network
      marketers out there. Make the transition from Follower (beta) to Leader
      (Pre-Alpha/Alpha) with the knowledge you Have...

      If you are not to this point yet keep increase your knowledge everyday. The more you know the more you are worth.

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