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    Issues with Many Wellness/Nutritional Opportunities

    markhill Newbie
      Here are some of the issues with presenting many wellness products as a business opportunity (Note: This is based on my experience of being introduced to these products/services). I have had hundreds of people show me their nutritional wellness products and these issues continue to arise:

      This MLM/DM product has many competitors in the retail market and the
      price of DM/MLM product/service is significantly higher than in retail.
      2. Distributor fails to distinguish themselves from their competitors.
      Distributor fails to offer FREE samples to proof how effective they are
      and how they rate against similar products in the retail market.

      I wonder if anyone else has experienced these same issues.

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          bizniz Newbie

          I have been involved in mlm for over a year distributing Wellness/Nutritional products.
          My question to you is:
          Do you care about the product or are you looking for a business opportunity?

          I do believe that the product should be something that you feel connected to but also something new to market.
          Just to give you an example, would you join a business that sell cassette players or the new I-pod?

          Look for something unique and different but with a company that will be around for a long time. (see who the top producers are and who is in the management team).

          If you decide to join a mlm company you should check out this site will show you a more productive way to recruit people in to your business.
          I wish you the best of luck.
          Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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              soonerdon49 Newbie
              I enjoyed your post, and wonder if in fact a lot of the MLM bashers for lack of better words are in it just for the money? I also am involved in Wellness?Nutritional Products, but do so because of a belief in the product. How can you sell or promote something you do not believe in? It is kind of like selling cars. If you despise a Chrysler product how could you sell the car?

              You have to believe in the product and do your research on the products, by talking to others and find forums such as this one.